The purpose of this program is to introduce you to others and help you establish a roommate (or more...) who is/are willing to share hotel room and costs.
EASY AS 1-2-3...5-6-7! Please enter your information in the fields below as accurately possible, and we'll match up with others that match your requests. If need to be more specific, please write details in the comments box.
Please know that the Roommate Finder's Keeper Aid acts ONLY as the middle man introducing each party. The program is to NOT be held liable for ANY false or criminal actions performed by both parties being introduced.
If you decide to go through with the program, please understand that others are relying on you to fulfill your obligations as a roommate. Be respectful and financially responsible!
If you have questions regarding hotel reservations, please call the hotel directly at 1-800-THE-OMNI...
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